Modular DROs

Introducing the 300 series of modular digital readouts

All 300 series readouts have a similar set of facilities.

  • You can set a zero datum position at any time.
  • The sensor keeps the current position as an offset from the last datum point.
  • The readout can convert the current position between inches and millimetres.
  • You can choose to display an outward movement as positive or negative.
  • The sensor detects and indicates an overspeed error.
  • The sensor’s calibration constant ­ that is, the relationship between the distance the sensor moves and the distance displayed ­ can be changed.
  • Calibration constants used for inch and millimetre units can be changed independently or together.
  • The sensor can hold two independent datum points between which the display can be swapped.
  • You can pre-set a position at any time.
  • The readout will work directly in radius or diameter measurements on a lathe.
  • The readout can indicate the halfway distance between two points.
  • Sensors provide a continuous position output as a serial data stream which, with suitable buffering, can go to an RS232 serial port.
  • Sensors can be fully remotely controlled via a bi-directional serial link connected to a display or a PC.

The current range of components in the 300 series includes:

Not part of the 300 series but also available from BW Electronics is the self-contained Micro Position Sensor 3.

Digital Position Readouts for smaller machine tools