332 two-axis display

The 332 measuring readout display

332 remote two-axis readout
The 332, a two-axis remote display, is a component of the 300 series modular readouts designed and manufactured by BW Electronics

This larger two-axis remote display in the 300 series of DROs from BW Electronics features:

  • a diecast aluminium case size 145 x 95 x 55 mm
  • three M4 bushes on back for mounting
  • two red LED displays, 14mm high, reading to ±9999.99 mm or ±999.9995”
  • five keys, as shown above
  • six indicator LEDs, for in/mm, local/global, and radius/half/diameter
  • position in inches or millimetres
  • zero datum keys for X and Y axes
  • the ability for a user to enter a pre-set position on either axis, using the keys’ alternative functions [set X, Y], [add 1] and [next]
  • two independent zero datum positions, called “global” and “local”
  • radius/diameter measurements on lathe cross slide
  • the ability to calculate the half point between two positions on a mill
  • the ability to calibrate sensors to the machine

Other remote displays in the 300 series of DROs are the 334 two-axis display and the 335 three-axis display.



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