334/335 displays

The 334 and 335 displays

Offering similar features to the 332 measuring readout display, these two- and three-axis displays in the 300 series of DROs from BW Electronics have been designed to be as compact and cost effective as possible.

335 three-axis readout
The 335 three-axis display is part of the 300 series of modular digital readouts designed and manufactured by BW Electronics

Popular types of small lathes and vertical mills do not have room for a large display, if it is to be mounted in a convenient position. Therefore the following radical design features have been introduced:

  • The power and sensor connectors are positioned at the bottom of the display. This reduces the overall width required and gives room for a quill capstan to turn.
  • Turning the display box to a portrait format (taller than it is wide) enables snug location close to either side of a milling machine head.
  • Custom LEDs are used for the position displays, which ensure clear visibility over a wide range of viewing angles.


Within a die-cast aluminium box only 95 mm wide, 120 mm high and 35 mm deep, it has been possible to provide fully featured two- and three-axis displays.

The displays have the following features:

  • 7 mm high red LED position displays with sign, each axis capable of displaying a maximum ±999.99 mm or ±99.999 inches
  • two independent datum points (called “global” and “local”; equivalent to “absolute” and “increment”); LED status indicators show which is currently displayed
  • radius or diameter measurements on X axis; LED status indicators to show which is displayed
  • display in inches or millimetres at the press of a key
  • the reading on any axis can be halved independently, giving centre finding
  • positions can be pre-set – via a numeric keypad on the 334 two-axis display, and via alternative keys on the 335 three-axis display

Digital Position Readouts for smaller machine tools