DRO feature overview

The MPS3 is a self-contained single-axis digital readout (DRO).

The 300 series of DROs is modular, with separate sensors and display. Common configurations are available as complete DROs, including manual and mounting clips. The cost of these configurations is less than buying the separate components individually.


Summary of features of DRO displays available from BW Electronics
Size (WxHxD), mm145x95x5595x120x3595x120x3592x31x38
Mounting3xM42xM42xM4steel clip
Max. display reading in mm±9999.99±999.99±999.99±999.99
Max. display reading in inches±999.9995±99.9995±99.9995±99.9995
Display LED size14 mm7 mm7 mm0.3 in
No. of display axes2231
No. of indicator LEDs6690
Inch/mm conversion keyyesyesyesyes
Zero datum set keyyesyesyesyes
Radius/diameter keyyesyesyesyes
Centre findingyesyesyesyes
Pre-set datum position keysyesyesyesyes
Sensor re-calibrationyesyesyesyes
Independent datum points2229


Summary of features of DRO sensors available from BW Electronics
Size (WxHxD), mm52x38x32110x60x3092x31x38
Mounting8mm clip12mm clipsteel clip
Max. measuring range, mm500 mm1200 mm500 mm
Max. measuring range, inch20 in48 in20 in
Accuracy, mm±0.05 mm±0.075 mm±0.05 mm
Accuracy, inch±0.002 in±0.003 in±0.002 in
Sensor resolution, mm0.006 mm0.006 mm0.006 mm

Digital Position Readouts for smaller machine tools