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The Micro Position Sensor 3 (MPS3)

The latest incarnation of the ever popular Micro Position Sensor from BW Electronics is a battery-powered, fully featured single-axis readout in a compact and robust aluminium box.

Features of the MPS3

The MPS3 meets the needs of the job

The MPS3 fits almost anywhere

The MPS3 helps you in your work

The MPS3 can be adapted to your use

How the sensor works

The defining feature of the MPS3 is that the sensor is 'intelligent'; that is, it has its own controlling microprocessor.

The MPS3 works on the principle of wrapping a flexible stranded stainless steel wire around a spring-loaded drum; the drum is then mounted on the shaft of a rotary optical encoder. As the wire is pulled our or returned under the spring tension, the rotary encoder is turned and produces direction and distance pulses. To provide the best possible accuracy, the return spring has a constant torque and the drum on which the wire winds is threaded to prevent overlapping turns.

Attached to the encoder is a microprocessor that couts the encoder pulses and, by use of an internal calibration constant, converts the pulses into a dimension in either inches or millimetres. This calibration constant is not a fixed quantity: it can be changed at any time.

The MPS3 uses a rotary optical encoder that is optimised for position sensing, and so the sensor is physically small. It can be easily mounted and moved between machines. It is supplied ready-to-fit; there is no need to calibrate it beforehand.

It is possible to adapt the MPS3 to use mains electricity rather than be battery powered; please see the price list.

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